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Performance Art Night: August 2019

Performance Art Night returns!

This evening of adventurous creative action will be curated by Evan McCarley and facilitated by Experimental Action, Houston’s International Performance Art Festival (

$5 cover*

Tracy Hamblin
Neil Ellis Orts
+ more

Music provided by i1150n

Tarot readings will also be available from the enchanting Marie Bailli (pronounced Bi -Yee), a tarot card reader and palm reader. She believes in using the tarot and the palm to channel energy and find guidance. Her goal with every reading is to provide each person with direction on how to best move forward in life as well as a personal understanding of oneself and the energy that drives them.

Performance Art Night is facilitated by the amazing management team of Experimental Action, Houston's International Performance Art Festival.

Performance Art Night was created by Julia Claire Wallace as a place where performance artists can share freely and often— without the weighty restrictions that curated or themed shows often bring along with them. It aspires to be a place where experimentation is welcome and boundaries are pushed! It was also created to strengthen and ground the performance art scene in Houston— by inspiring more artists to experiment with performance as well as by giving Houston audiences more diverse performance art experience. So far it has birthed new artists, a collective, countless new works, lots of fun, and a ton of good stories.

Interested in performing?
DM Evan McCarley
or email

*5$ cover- All of the money you give supports performance art in Houston! This night’s proceeds go to Experimental Action, Houston’s International Performance Art Festival ( Your $5 makes a big difference!! Seriously, Thanks!!