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Twin Lovers, Noise Traveler, Avian By Accident, Sahmbeau

An evening of live synth and sci-fi

Twin Lovers
Noise Traveler
Avian By Accident

With sci-fi sounds in between sets by White Chocula!

Friday 12th July
8:00PM - 12:00 AM
314 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

Twin Lovers - Multi-Disciplinary collective Twin Lovers’ labor is saved deciphering analogous liaisons amidst both image and sound. Employing the use of cameras, synths, auxiliary devices, and electronics both analog and digital, the Twins suspend the narrative of now while still consciously observing the pushing operations of the present.

Noise Traveler - Synth Pop duo experimenting with a fusion of retro sounds inspired by 80’s cinema, dark wave, disco + brutally honest lyrics

Avian By Accident