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The BASS Strikes Back : A Star Wars Themed Party

Cosplay and Costumes Welcomed! Join us Star Wars fans for a night of Visuals, DJ's, Light Saber Battles, Visual Music, Jedi Mind Tricks, Dancing, Board Games, Force Fingers, Cheap Drinks and more!

Mike Winston
(Bio below)

Sina Matix (Houston, TX)
Nessaja (Austin, TX)
Blake Mathis (Houston, TX)

- FIRST 10 people in Cosplay or Costume receive a FREE LED Lightsaber!
- Star Wars Cosplay and Costumes encouraged
- FREE Street Parking at Meters (6 PM - 6 AM)

May the 4th Be With You, 2019
8 PM - 2 AM
314 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Mike Winston
From the beginning of 1997, DJ / Producer Mike Winston has taken the storm on music throughout the years; starting with a simple radio shack 2-channel mixer with two belt driven Technics record players when it all began on wax. Mike Winston as the years went by was introduced through his long departed friend, Kevin Thornton in the realm of EDM when Trance DJ/Producer Armin Van Buuren has began his journey with his show A State of Trance in May of 2001. Mike was already well into spinning genres such as 80's retro and the Razormaid fashion that he wanted to evolve more into other dance culture, as well as the Gothic and Dark Industrial genres, going by his former stage alias name as DJ Disco-X (1997 - 2000), DJ Cyptic (2000 - 2001) and DJ Viper (2001 - 2008)
Mike first began performing on wax in the late 90's at places like Club Blue Planet, with special guest appearances at Club Kaboom, The Roxy, and as a body guard and part time bouncer at Atlantis located at City Streets which at the time were located off the Richmond strip in Houston Texas. 80's Razormaid/Retro was a big deal back then because it was a genre well played at many local Houston clubs in the night life scene.
When Mike started listening to ASOT when it started, he was amazed at the style and grace of Armin Van Buurens skills and knowledge that he decided to take on Trance as a new genre. It was around 2001 that Mike Winston bought his first CDJ's off Pioneer which at the time were CDJ-100's with a basic DJM-600 mixer. As the years went by, Mike Winston started another chapter into producing back in 2002 in which he released a 9 track album called My Inner Heaven which had several hit tracks such as Temptations, and Here I Am. With producing genres such as Trance, Drum N Bass, and Techno, Mike Winston focuses on continuing further into this segment in the near future.
From the recent past years up until the present time, Mike Winston evolved into promoting events, such as Rebirth (2012), Wickid Sins (2012), Video Frequency (2012), Video Frequency 2 (2013), Melody of Trance ( online audio broadcast - 2014 - 2015), After Life Houston (2015 - 2016), Night Shift (2014 - 2016) Spiral (2018).
Mike Winston now currently holds over 950,000+ collective tracks over the years from just about every genre around.
Taking the decks by force and giving the audience a show to remember, Mike Winston brings forth the years of music to his plate.