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An Evening with The Hollow Roots

The Hollow Roots -

Upon listening to Nashville outfit The Hollow Roots’ self-titled debut, their hard southern edge is apparent. The seven-track EP is full of driving guitar and smashing high-hats, and when paired with vocalist/guitarist Zach Chadwick’s soulful drawl, makes for a Raconteurs-meets-Alabama Shakes vibe that is hard to ignore – and even harder to resist.

Echoes of the classics are also apparent, especially Cream, with many a bluesy lick punctuating each of the songs on the record. Tracks including album opener “Your Lips” especially draw this comparison to mind, with slow and sultry guitar from Chadwick and Colten Delgado accented by Tyler Stonell’s thumping bass line and Billy Kitterman’s clean but crackling drum hits.