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Performance Art Night!

Performance Art Night! October

Starting off this auspicious month of ghouls and goblins David Tyson Moore of southmorehouse infamy and Experimental Action asks that you bring your inner demons, manipulate them and use them to entertain us.

What are your horrors of life? What are your fears, regrets, nightmares, woes, failed wishes and inconveniences? Where has your childhood ended and the real world of monsters began?

From 9 to midnight we will exorcise our adulthood manifestations on and off the stage at Notsuoh, 314 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002.

List of performances:

David Tyson Moore
- “Do you want to see something?”
Oisin and Joe Ortiz
- “Anthropocene Extinction”
Problem Shift
- “Secret Agents”
David Collins
- “Memini Mori”
Emmanuel Arambula
- untitled
Andrea Garcia
- “Fool’s Life”
Stephen Ferguson
- “Surprise!”
Dahlia Devine
- “Lone Star”
Roxy Revel
- “Hot Sandwich”
Tracy Hamblin
- untitled

Alex Mucc
- “Comfort”
Michael Clemmons
(I’m in the Funeral Business)
- “Uncomfortable Dance Party”
Epic Fail
- “Return from Burning the Man”
Patrick Waldo
- “Unprogrammed I”
- “Audience Perspective”
Brooke Williamson
- “Balloon Prophecies”

As with all southmorehouse events, audience participation is encouraged. Wear a mask to represent your inner turmoil. Craft accessories will be provided to assist you with that request.

If you would like to perform this night, send a message to our host with a brief description of your performance. Thematic pieces preferred, but not mandatory. Durational pieces welcome and encouraged. We will also allow limited walk on performances to register at the door.

This evening of adventurous creative action will be curated by the amazing David Tyson Moor and facilitated by Experimental Action, Houston’s International Performance Art Festival (

There is a 5$ cover, but you are welcome to give more. All proceeds will support Experimental Action, Houston’s International Performance Art Festival.

Performance Art Night was created by Julia Claire Wallace as a place where performance artists can share freely and often— without the weighty restrictions that curated or themed shows often bring along with them. It aspires to be a place where experimentation is welcome and boundaries are pushed! It was also created to strengthen and ground the performance art scene in Houston— by inspiring more artists to experiment with performance as well as by giving Houston audiences more diverse performance art experience. So far it has birthed new artists, a collective, countless new works, lots of fun, and a ton of good stories.

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