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  • NotsuoH 314 Main street Houston, TX, 77002 United States (map)

What’s a show if you don’t show up to PLAY?
Well, play is exactly what this multifaceted mistress of the rock ‘n roll stage has come to do!
Celebrating the release of her fiercely mischievous third album ‘Toys Tantrum’ (released February 9th on CD, vinyl and digital download), Mignon is here to throw everything
she’s got at you, including a brand new genre-bending box of tricks.
“Toys Tantrum” is equal parts jaunty and jagged. Fun and feverish. An eclectically spookish assortment of searing rock ‘n roll, garage, blues and ‘60s pop-psychedelica - all executed with an old school punk attitude.
The Berlin band’s latest live spectacle is poised to playfully crash its way through your cranium with more fervor and menace than a wind-up tin monkey. Switching between instruments (from a cigar box guitar to keyboards and theremin) as much as she does colourfully crazy costumes, don’t think this former shock rocker’s
forgotten how to toy with your brain and get pulses screaming. She’ll do exactly that and more, as she exorcises her demons with noisy delight. This, ladies and gentlemen, is
what we call a real show!

Listen to "Toys Tantrum" on Spotify

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