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Technoise Party

  • NotsuoH 314 Main street Houston, TX, 77002 United States (map)

This will be an evening like one you probably haven't experienced in quite a while. Come check out what we're brewing over at Notsuoh! An evening of experimental dance tunes featuring a very diverse lineup of local musicians and artists sure to make you question top 40 choices you hear on the radio. Come witness the power these acts bring to the stage!


Metallic, deep, thick. Like a large pipe with a decent charge running through it. Cold. Steel. Filled with liquid. Communicating or picking up signals from a satellite, or tapping into your neighbors hacked cable signal. Almost like you're hearing something you weren't meant to hear, like a new sense or gaining the ability to hear beyond the normal human range. A video game laser assault. An electrographic workout, post-apocalyptic, static, buzz-saw jam. The first expectation is that you will be voyaging through the stars, hitting some brave new worlds, etc. This is darker, with a healthy shot of hard-nosed industrial intent for effect. Grind to kill rather than a flowery hippy voyage through the cosmos. Like a slow-motion heart attack. Pulsing, slow and unnaturally steady. Suspended a thousand miles above the North Pole during an aurora, without a space suit, the instant of your death casually drawn out for a few minutes. Remember. the universe is eternal and it's got all day. You're but a proton, friend.

Ten Pixels Tall:

For many years, Jeremy Buzek was just a lowly designer. Circling the drain of the world, searching for deeper meaning in the cosmos. Then, one faithful day in the year 2013 AD, he joined forces with two original Gameboys to create the powerhouse known today as Ten Pixels Tall. He creates fun, dance-y electronic music with retro videogame hardware (AKA Chiptunes). He released his first introspective album "The Feels Cache EP" in March of 2014, and after one full rotation, he released the powerful space epic: "Hypergalaxy: The Second Orbit EP". Now, after playing the planet's largest stages, like Fitzgeralds in Houston, and White Oak Music Hall... in Houston, he prepares to release his rawest, hardest album yet "HOTCUBE" He is ready, but is the world?

On February 9th, he plans on blowing into the venue riding a tornado of nostalgia dust and decimating your expectations of what can be done with 20+ year old Nintendo Gameboy, all while evoking those familiar bleeps and bloops you remember for your youth, with a light pixel art light show that will light up your heart and eyes with sheer brilliance and good vibes.

Also, his set might be house-y, he's not sure yet.

Electric Sleep:

An ever evolving two piece that can still call out the ways of the old school. We generally like to take you on a trip through space and your own mind. Harsh noise, atmospheric drones, blissful synthesizers, and all feet on the floor dance rhythms are all covered in a demonstration. For fans of video painting, the soulful crooning of Marvin Gaye, and the warehouse parties of chi town 78. 

Jon Plus:

Jon Plus is a technoise pioneer and also is a co-founder of the punk-computer music band About This Product. He will be playing yhe hardest dance music ever, a mix between Daft Punk and Whitehouse. He has been in Wire, Free Press Houston, The Texas observer, Urb, Exl8r, 002 Houston publications. In 2017 Jon Plus was feature in Wire magazines Tapper album.