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Hello Elle - Something to Show for it

  • notsuoH 314 Main St 77002 (map)

Hi, I'm Eric Smith from the band Hello Elle. What follows is my heartfelt pleading to check out our one and only show. 

In July of this year, Race to the Moon was disbanded due to the singer/songwriter moving back to his home of San Antonio. In the four months since, the remaining members formed Hello Elle and prepared a set, only for me to do the same thing and run back home to Phoenix. 

Long story short, we've worked hard for a long time on some groovy tunes, and we want you to check them out. We want something to show for it. 

Joining us will be our close personal friend Billy Possum and his guitar. Billy likes Neil Young more than anybody. 

We will also be joined by The Feather Brothers, who assured us they would "tickle your fancy". 

Oh, and this will probably one of the few shows in your life you won't need earplugs for, so that'll save you some cash.

Have a good one, folks!

Love, Eric