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Oh No Variety Show

The Oh No Variety Show

We are Anti Heroes, Mutants, and Vigilantes disguised as a traveling sideshow named the Oh No! Variety Show. Our goal is to make the crowd say “Oh No!” when they watch us survive death-defying acts like sword swallowing, glass dancing, animal traps, fire eating, and BREASTS OF STEEL!

Featuring David the Goliath, the f...eral mouth from the South who will break the sound barrier with the crack of his whip, escape unscathed from wild animal traps, and recite poetry while avoiding evisceration from his bed of machetes he fondly refers to as his “Steely Posturepedic”...patent pending, of course!

And The Amazing Boobzilla, a mutant ninja contracted by the Department of Defense. Godzilla will never reach U.S. soil thanks to her. He once heard the resounding crack of the fire breathing siren of destruction’s bra clasps breaking..and was deafened by the massive sound wave that followed the release of her mighty breasticles. Featured on JERRY SPRINGER and AMC'S FREAKSHOW, she'll leave you on your knees begging for more! Check out her appearance here:

Teaming up with the Oh No! duo is the Pickled Punk Sideshow, the Texas and Colorado based sideshow mixing the fun and tradition of the old American carnival with sex, drugs, n rock&roll! Amarillo's First and Best Circus Sideshow, first male suspension artist, first female suspension artist, and first coed suspension team!

MONDAY night DALE show & THERAPY moment

7:00 pm - 2:00 am

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Later Event: July 6
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