The Four Directors of the Apocalypse

Monday, February 01, 2010 


The Four Directors of the Apocolypse


first apologies for some name dropping but it is to make a   point
  Jonathon Couhette was in the bar....he's an old friend who haunted Notsuoh in   the mid 90's.... at some point he assembled his life on film... it was the   story of being gay with a mother who fell off her roof and descended into   insanity....he had a Big Brother which was a social support group for   troubled youth...his Big Brother was in the media so Jonathon had access to a   video camera and basiclly recorded his relationship with his insane mother as   a child....for about 300 bucks he used a mac and imovie to creat   Tarnation...Gus Van Zandt discovered the film and secured the rights to the   music and the film went to the Cannes Festival and became an art house   sensation...Jonathon lives in New York now and was back caring for his   mother...very depressed at the bar... but one of those true artists... no   pretension and brutally honest with himself in telling a story
  In walks Neil Armfield...he is an Australian film and opera director...He had   his opening night of Turn of the Screw...He gave me tickets to the dress   rehearsal.... creepy story.. but I was in the Founders Box... that little   section with your own private door... Neil also directed Candy ....a film   with Heath Ledger about heroine addiction and fucking away the pain....and   the eventual collision with the realities of life... obviously with Heath   Ledger there was some budget....yes an uncompromising storyline but alot of   equipment and crew and not exactly Hollywood but far from a macintosh and   imovie....I introduce jonathon to Neil and they get into talking about the   art movie world..... I go back behind the bar and this guy from Minnesota   starts talking about how much he likes the place...Oh thanks man ... he says   he is an artist and gets the place...I ask what medium... he is a film   maker... "you are a director too...those two dudes over there talking   are also directors"....before I can ask about his films some short   haired guy walks up and sez"Sir can I buy you a beer?"....ok dude   what kind of films do you make?..."I make films for the military....that   are shown in Iraq and Afghanistan" make propaganda film...   Honestly it was one of the more bizarre conversations about art that I have   ever had... unfortunately you can't get his fims on Netflix.... but what a trip   they must be....    s
  unlimited budget to tell the story of freedom and the love America has for   the people of Iraq...occupation is just a bit of tough love that will make   wonderful sense later
  I'm not finished it gets weirder.... I'm upstairs later and this guy has to   tell me how wonderful my bar is...that he has been in Houston for three years   and this is the first real place he has found.... I get me ego stroked for   several minutes and then he introduces himself as Forest... you mean like   Forest Gump....well yeah my dad is Robert Zemeckis who directed the film...He   explained why the movie was important...that outsiders and social misfits   still have incredible things to offer the world and   to read the   letters people sent to his father that the film forced them to reevaluate   their lives and become someone else... to actually see the power of film and   art to change lives,,,He had to concede that his father had real power
  Jonathon and his story of angst and Neil and the story of addiction and   nihilism and the us army and the story of god bless america and Forest and   the story of only in America can a retard do good.....God Bless America and   its weird ass version of reality.r