meth head model

Monday, July 12, 2010 

            The MeihHeaded Model

I have these intelligent lights in Dean's....they are connected to a computer and if working can illuminate in complex precision anywhere in a room any color and complete any cheesy night club aesthetic.... not a priority but I have them and they are mounted but don't work.... a fuse or buld or cleaning a shutter? maybe just a few bucks in parts according to Irish Joe..... I have seen this guy around over the years and always felt like taking a bath after seeing him or shaking his hand....usually settled for Purell.... a grifter type who carries a bag with tooth brush and change of clothes at the bar ,,,, ready to couch surf at a moment's notice ....unfortunately I agreed to let him repair my intelligent lights,,,, the lightbub in my head was not intelligent.... as I started sinking money into the project and I started to remember why I hated to hang out with this guy...."OK Ieish I'll see you tomorrow at noon"... yes definitely//// so next day noon no Joe... 12:30 I call.... hey man I'm running late be there in 15 minutes no 20 minutes tops... after an hour he rolls in on his bike.... he gets to work I guess but the night before he kept smoking in Dean's and I told him because of the retail clothing and gallery in the window front to smoke in Notsuoh or outside...the artist made it clear no smoling was a prerequisite to hanging her art in the siorefront...."Sure Jim I'm a professional" and you failed to mention pathological liar.... So I'm sitting out on the patio and get up and look through the window and see him smoking so I walk through the cross door into Dean's from Notsuoh and"Hey Joe please no smoking in the room"...I wasn't smoking.... the smoke is still billowing in the air... feeling much like an assistant principal in middle school....ok Joe my bad fix the light... but he's all over the room some A.D.D. force all in my sound equipment...Hey Joe what's the sound equipment have to do with lights?And we have to move all these lights cause in an hour a fashion show rehearsal will be here and we got to set up the the lights are moved to Notsuoh stage for repair....And by the way why does my sound board look all different?....we are doing happy hour at Dean's and my friend Scott comes to play ole fashion saloon music... then six reporter friends from the Chronicle come in...they are all in their 60's and used to work crime and courthouse... as we chat every 3 minutes some 22 year old chick comes in skimpy clothes and disappears in the back...I tell the reporters a fashion show rehearsal is in 30 minutes so they decide to stick around and watch.... sure enough techno starts and women walking like show ponies  giving overly extended sultry looks at nothing in particular..... Wilson from Notsuoh comes in and tells me the Heavy metal Christian bands from San Antonio are here... Jesus the intelligent lights are on the stage tell Irish Joe to move them off the stage back to Dean's.... I'm at the bar with the reporters watching the next pretty girl finish walking to techno 'that sure was a nice dress Jim' when a sweaty dude in jeans and a bandana sticking out his butt crack comes speed striding with an intelligent light through the bar....two reporters say "hey check out the tshirt I like the bandana"

Needless to say I am out 300 bucks lights and had to hire someone to un Irish Joe my sound system and Christian Heavy Metal is worse than Zoarastrian Ska