naked in stillettos

this title though accurate is a blatant attempt to manipulate search engines

Saturday, February 13, 2010 

            Jogging in Stillettos

I am up early on a Saturday drinking coffee....outside on the patio are 2 guys and a girl.... she is wearing a running outfit.... sweat jacket....why hang out on Main Street sitting at my chairs when it is 40 degrees outside and why wear a jogging outfit and spiked high heels...I thought running in stilettos was bad on your shins?...she then goes to this enormous shopping bag and stands in front of my door and the two dudes form this wall in front of her so no one on the street can see her..... this is going to be interesting.... so sure enough off come her clothes.... my girl friend admires her black bra  and new choice of panties...oh the joys of seeing an anorexic model buck naked in freezing cold framed perfectly in my front door at 10 in the morning.....of course it was more fun imagining her jogging