Life as We Know It

Sunday, March 07, 2010 

            Life as we Know it

being drunk is both a state of mind and body..... it creates limits on both the mind and body that while drunk one is completely unaware of these boundaries ... when I write and am drunk.. my drunk mind is some stream of consciouness that makes perfect sense inside my head and I often omit any of the connectors that makes the thoughts comprehensible to any reader....but being somewhat fuzzy and or ridiculous really doesn't hurt anyone....oh damn Pirtle's nonsequitors bruised my elbow.... sure we may say things we regret or become this id machine that is oh so inappropriate...

But don't get on a bicycle after drinking even at 6 am....I fell off my bike and hit rather severely on my rib cage to concrete....I yelled ouch but got home to awaken and be completely incapable of moving...just sheer pain and agony...I remember this feeling after I broke my back....any slight motion sent gushes of pain through my body and all I can do is surrender to stillness....At points there was claustrophobia leading to panic...I was sinking into an air mattress that surrounded my body and I could not move....that not being able to move....that is what was freaking me out...Pain held me in check and deciding between moving a few inches and crying to Jesus for mercy or being in some Edgar Allen Poe short story of "The Bed  of Suffocation"..... I learned how much freedom of movement means to me ...choosing my way to be in space....that being still is my version of Death.... I just got back from the hospital and some pills and subsciptions have masked the pain of severely bruised chest muscles......

But telling a doctor about my life style was ...

Do you smoke?

yes ... a pack

A week?

no a day

You know that's bad for you?

Falling off my bike or smoking? you drink?

you mean alcohol?



How much?

3 to 6 times a week


I own a bar..dude I mean doctor

Were you wearing a helmit?

When I drink...usually not

No when you were on your bike?


Do you do any other drugs?

No...except coffee


Really..... what about my chest...I mean that's why I'm here 

Oh yeah...I almost forgot

We are all made of stars....a guy in the other night working for Google and mapping the moon and Mars.... He filled my head with amazing stories about the Earth 3 billion years ago when it had no moon...He is a phd in Geology and is now working on Google Mars....Had this strange culture clash discussion wjith a phd scientist living in the Silicon Valley and this 21 year old chick from Dirtsticks watch her face when he laughed at her for bringing up God..."you got to be kidding me use 'God' as a support for scientific theory" .....She made the point that monkeys aren't turning into humans now so that disproves Evolution.....ok your turn Mr Scientist from Mars  and rock n roll band managers are from Paskadulah.....but yes some billions of years ago the world was Hydrogen and Helium and explosions in the sky creating multiple amounts of fussion blasting away and creating this funny little conversation.....hey Dr what about the monkeys?