king of Pain



Monday, October 01, 2007 


Dr rick king of Pain and Rudy in a world of pain


Dr rick will be here on wednesday for the next     salon...the topic will be pain and the brain and the drugs we use to avoid     it...Dr rick is a very interesting man...his former house was a landmark to old mansion in the med center and the backyard was his own     creation complete with a 40 foot high mountain and waterfall flowing off     the top of the mountain into a pool...from his master bedroom out the     second story window is a water slide into the pool...the pool wanders into     the mountain turning into a jacuzzi inside the mountain...then the mountain     wall pushes in to reveal a secret bar with pool table and pinball     macjhines...the gardens around the house have large greek statues and     budhas and countless other bizarre sculptures - a twenty foot high teddy     bear standing on his head..yeah the neighbors loved him...he made a lot of     money being a doctor and travelled the world giving pain lectures so in     Thailand he'd buy an entire shipping container of weird shit and have it     sent back to houston to be creatively placed in and outside of the     mansion..the place was insane


but life doesn't always go as planned and doctors are     very much human beings capable of fucking up and unfortunately the house     was sold to be demolished and turned into condos ... rick's masterpiece is     gone


i had lunch at cabo's and looked out the window people     watching...the russian woman who pushes her dog in a baby stroller, joel     who always wears a suit and business hat, and rudy


rudy is the most pathetic creature...homeless would be a     step up in the world for rudy...barely able to walk... eating out of     garbage cans...he always lies out on the sidewalk or and i wonder if this     is done purely for theatrical effect but he lies on top of my garbage     bags...7 years ago he was a little bit more together and i would serve him     coffee...on the street he once asked me for a quarter and i said i only had     a twenty..."that's ok i can make change" ...i have a lot of mixed     emotions when i see someone so miserably maladjusted to living in this     world...i still can't forget tyrone who sold roses downtown and well     anything he found...lamps cockatiels topiaries...i always wanted to do a     video with him as host of The Homeless Shopping Network...he got cut in a     knife fight at the homeless shelter and the bar tenders at la carafe     pleaded with him to get medical attention..he didn't and his hand went     gangrein ...three of his fingers fell off and he put them in a ziplock bag     and he came to notsuoh asking if anyone wanted to buy them...i got sick     experiencing that...a few months later he died there are actually quite a     few people who miss tyrone and i ask myseif questions about rudy...does he     really care what i think about his life? does he sometimes experience     simple pleasures maybe even gets some excitement or joy...perhaps finding a     particullary fresh and tasty meal in the garbage brings a small smile to     his face or maybe the simple act of surviving is just what the human animal     does and concepts of bliss are irrelevant... maybe lieing in my garbage in     front of my bar is a not so gentle reminder that even doctors are human and     what makes me so special because i own property on main that i am above     lieing in garbage...that i find him often disgusting but i am no krishna     and am still firmly attached to my ego and consciousness being just the     razor's edge of reality reminds that i don't know shit about rudy myself     ...i'm just making up stories with the thinnest amount of information of     the world 0cause i want to feel normal and not try to get doctor rick to     medicate all this pain