the ex cop from Detroit

Egocentric Bar owner and undercover cop

i tended bar last night and there is a couple of hours of being alone with whomever walks in...i have a very good memory for people and details and when this older gentleman walked in i smelled trouble...when we reopened notsuoh last november sometime in early january an older gentleman came in the bar at 2:03 asking for a drink....sorry it's past two and we can't serve...Richie and dom were sill doing monday noise and a capella lounge and there was a regular croud that hung out on mondays....i asked him where he was from and maybe did not know about texas law ...he was from detroit and yes what did you do in detroit? i am retired ...ok and before you retired ... i don't want to tell this went on a weird version of cat and mouse and he talking to people at the bar of where to get an afterhours drink ...there suppose to be an afterhours place here or near here...something about his shoes and this incredible desire to get an illegal drink...i suggested he go back to his hotel and raid the mini bar...turns out he's an ex cop move the calendar up about 8 monthss and it's the same guy in early...wanting a beer for $2.....i give him a lonestar and he's living on the streets and needs a place to stay....i tell him that i can sometimes barely live with myself and that no way would i live with someone else in this building...he offered $20 if he could spend the night...No. that's when it dawns on me that it's the ex cop from detroit and we are going to play i want to gain your trust and then watch me be stupid...but after thursday nights bender i had drunk water for 36 hours and was not in the least bit stupid or careless...he said he was homeless and his ex wife took all his money and he needed a job and wanted to know how much money i made...i told my upbringing taught me that siscussing money was impolite conversaton and if he had a drinking problem working in a bar was a bad idea... at least for me the owner...he then went into how much he loved my music and if i wanted to fill this bar to play a lot of beatles and rolling stones and get a bar tender with nice tits...and the place would be packed this point i told him that this was starting to get boring and that he was an ex cop from detroit and i had enough money and i liked doing my own thing and then put on some thurston moore psychic hearts and a little bit of more that he tried bullshit 8 months asking me to do illegal things and that was rude and just to please leave me this point my music sucked and he stormed out of the bar screaming how much my music SUCKED

devil killing moth was not headbanger but singer songwriter go figure